Interpreting The Vast Catalog of The Grateful Dead

Relatively new to the scene, the veteran musicians that make up Whose Cat Is Dead are really turning "heads" within the jam community.

This group are as dedicated to exploring new ideas and approaches to these classic songs as they are to creating musical Jerry-isms.   The combination is potent, entertaining, and a treat for live music lovers.  With a driving, powerful rhythm section, soaring keys, 2 very different guitar styles, and some of the best 3-part harmonies in the business, this crew are quickly gaining fans new and old. 

Make sure you check out a live show near you!

  • Adam Bernstein - Drums and Vocals
  • Rich Grossman - Guitar and Vocals
  • Kimberly Manning - Keys and Vocals
  • Mark Thackway - Guitar and Vocals
  • Mikey Vukovich - Bass and Vocals