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Paging Rich Grossman 

If you've never seen the Lizards Phish Tribute you are depriving yourself of something special!  The band’s main goal is to recreate the Phish Experience. Whether it’s their ever changing setlists, synchronized dancing (or trampoline-ing) or touring with their own lighting rig and director (TG5), the band is committed to giving people that same feeling as the one we’ve all felt many times before.The Lizards make it possible to gain that experience in our own backyard, with many feeling it’s been a long time coming that a band can create a community in this country for such a style of music.

Rich Grossman, guitar slinger and singer of the Lizards, will be opening the night on Feb. 3rd at the Mod Club in Toronto with an acoustic Phish set.  Rumour has it that Rich may be bringing along his electric guitar as well in order to spend a little extra time on stage with Whose Cat Is Dead.  Who knows what could happen?!?!